A Magic Square, Triangle or Star is a math puzzle where a set of numbers contained within the layout of the puzzle add up to a magic constant or magic score. For Magic Squares, the cells in the rows, the columns and the diagonals individually add up to the magic score when the puzzle is solved. For Magic Triangles, the cells of each side of the triangle add up to the magic score. The cells in each line between the points add up to the magic score in Magic Stars.

ProMagic Squares, Triangles and Stars supplies you with endless puzzles in various shapes and difficulties. You can compare your solving skills against others via leader boards for puzzles of medium and hard difficulty.

4x4 Squares are provided for free. 8x8 and 12x12 Squares are available via an in app purchase. Triangles and Stars are also available via separate in app purchases. (In my opinion Stars are the most fun.)

Each puzzle starts out with an incomplete shape - some numbers of the puzzle are left out and listed on the right side of the screen. Your job is to place the missing numbers in the correct place in the puzzle. Gray cells show the current total for the row, column or line. Use them to help you figure out what values are missing from the puzzle.